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Question: My smoke detector keeps beeping intermittently, what should I do?
Answer: An actively sounding smoke detector should be reported to 9-1-1 immediately; all persons should exit the property and await fire personnel. If a detector chirps once every 30 to 60 seconds it is most likely a weak battery and is alerting you to replace it.
Question: Why did I find an “WWFD entry form” in my home?
Answer: Frequently, we are called to a residence without the homeowner being present. If we are able to make entry into your property without causing damage, we will investigate the reason/cause for the dispatch. Typically it is for a sounding smoke detector or an open door or window. If we’re able to gain entry we will try to remedy the situation and leave a form behind stating the date and reason for entry and any recommended remedies to the situation.
Question: Why did I see an West Wildwood Fire Department unit responding outside of West Wildwood?
Answer: The West Wildwood Fire Department occasionally will respond to other communities to assist with emergencies. Currently, we assist any fire emergency in neighboring Wildwood & Shawcrest. Any outlying town that needs help can request assistance through the Cape May County mutual aid program.
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